The College of Engineering offers tutoring in two different locations.  The Engineering Student Services (ESS) lab is located in Building 40 Room 113 and offers assistance in engineering, math and science courses. The Engineering Mechanics Success Center is located in Building 192 Room 133 and offers assistance in statics, dynamics, strength of materials and thermodynamics.  The tutors are trained to assist you learn the material based on your learning style so you can excel on your exams and homework on your own. The labs are open during the fall, winter, and spring quarters starting the second week of the quarter. Take a look at the schedule to see if the course you would like tutoring in is available (click schedule to enlarge)!


Other Tutoring & Academic Services 

Supplemental Workshops in Math and Science

The College of Engineering strongly recommends signing up for a supplemental workshop to assist you in your math and science courses. Workshops are available for Math 100-143, as well as biology and chemistry courses. Click on the appropriate websites below for course sections and their complimentary supplemental workshop:

Study Session Program

The Study Session Program allows you to form study groups by submitting a request through your Cal Poly Portal. Each group is led by an upper-division student and meets twice weekly throughout the quarter. Many engineering, science, and math courses are available for Study Sessoins (click on the link above for complete list and how to sign up).

Academic Skills Library  

The Academic Skills Center is committed to helping students with their studies; balancing work, school, and life outside of school; and much more. They have accumulated a collection of essays on a variety of topics to help students succeed.

Other Tutoring Resources

Student Academic Services maintains a list of tutoring services all over campus. See if these options work for you!