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We're so glad you're here. Engineering Student Services is passionate about supporting our transfer students.

To help ease that transition, we’ve put together some information specific to our college – check it out below. Additionally, we encourage you to explore the general academic advising information for all Cal Poly transfer students and to connect with the Transfer Center for campus wide transfer resources, events, and support. 

Future Transfer Students

If you are a future Cal Poly transfer student, please visit Cal Poly Admissions for application criteria and deadlines.

Newly Admitted Transfer Students


  1. Congratulations! Check out this Recently Admitted Transfer Student Information
  2. Don't worry about transfer credits just yet. The processing will take some time, but you'll be notified when your credits have been evaluated. Learn more about transfer credit from the Office of the Registrar.
  3. Explore these helpful transfer specific resources for recently accepted transfer students. Read advice from Cal Poly transfer students, and staff and faculty that were transfer students themselves!


Register for and attend both SLO Days and Week of Welcome (WOW). During each of these orientation events, you'll get a chance to meet us! We'll get you acquainted with Cal Poly and make sure you have all the important information about fall registration.

  • Major-specific presentation recordings will be posted to the "College of Engineering Transfer SLO Days" Canvas course.

Check out Last Year's Presentations:

Major Specific Resources for Fall 2020

For general information on the registration process and tips, see University Advising's Transfer Student page.

Engineering Student Services is here to support you from day one! Below are some resources available for each major. Use this information to help you with your fall registration and beyond.

Major Specific Resources 2020


Aerospace Engineering AERO Fall 2020 Suggested Courses
biomedical engineering BMED Fall 2020 Suggested Courses
Civil engineering CE Fall 2020 Suggested Courses
Computer Science CSC Fall 2020 Suggested Courses
computer engineering CPE Fall 2020 Suggested Courses
electrical engineering EE Fall 2020 Suggested Courses
Environmental Engineering ENVE Fall 2020 Suggested Courses
general engineering GENE Fall 2020 Suggested Courses
industrial engineering IE Fall 2020 Suggested Courses
manufacturing engineering MFGE Fall 2020 Suggested Courses
Materials Engineering MATE Fall 2020 Suggested Courses
mechanical Engineering ME Fall 2020 Suggested Courses
Software Engineering SE Fall 2020 Suggested Courses

Fall 2020 Registration

You have been enrolled in the "College of Engineering Transfer SLO Days" Canvas course.  This course was created by advisors to give you all the information you need to prepare for registering for your first quarter!  Please take time and complete it in its entirety.  

Included in this course is a step by step checklist that we recommend you complete prior to registration on August 28th at 10am.

Finally, if you have any questions about the registration system and tools such as Schedule Builder, the Office of the Registrar has created FAQ's specifically for new transfer students.

First Quarter at Cal Poly

Here are some important things to do during your first fall quarter at Cal Poly.

Winter Registration

From now on, you'll register as a continuing student. The overall process remains the same, but the details will be different from when you registered for fall quarter.

Each quarter you will be assigned a date/time for registration, which is listed on the right side of the Student Center. This date and time is based on your actual academic progress level (how many degree applicable units you have completed), which is found on your academic progress gauge in PolyProfile. It will be updated after week 4 each quarter.

If you have questions about what to plan or how to use these tools, please make an appointment to see us.

Getting Connected

Mentor Collective Logo

Transfer Mentorship program


Our college has partnered with Mentor Collective to connect new transfer students with continuing students serving as mentors. We highly encourage all transfer students to register!

For questions or a link to sign up, please contact Ashlee Burt, one of our advisors.

Faculty and Staff

People to Introduce yourself to

  1. Obviously we're biased, but we think it's important to get to know us!
  2. We highly recommend connecting with your faculty advisor right away.
  3. Your major department's administrative staff is a great resource.
  4. Schedule an appointment with your Career Counselor.
  5. Chat with our college librarian, Sarah Lester.
  6. Get to know the Transfer Center staff

Transfer Center Events & Programs

Connecting with the Transfer Community

The Transfer Center is a great resource and physical space to connect with current transfer students, find community, study, and more.

Email for any questions you may have or for support in connecting to resources across campus.

Second Quarter and Beyond

Here are some wise things to do once you're starting to feel settled at Cal Poly.

Getting Involved

Research & Department Involvement

This is just a sampling of the research opportunities in our college. Also talk with the LSAMP Program and your faculty advisor/mentor to find the right project for you!

Graduate School and Career Planning

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