Credit/No Credit

Spring 2020, Summer 2020: 

During spring 2020 and Summer 2020, you will be able to select any GE courses for Credit/No Credit grading; you are encouraged to speak with us before selecting Credit/No Credit grading for GE courses. 

Each department has its own policy on whether or not Credit/No Credit courses may be used to fulfill major or support courses. Please refer to your major Credit/No Credit policies for Spring and Summer 2020.

The policy for Fall 2020 will posted on the link above once the policy has been decided.

College of Engineering Policy (pre COVID):

Students in the College of Engineering are not allowed to take any major or support courses credit/no credit.

Major and support courses must be taken for a letter grade. Students who are unsure if a course is a major or support course should check their curriculum sheet where the courses are clearly divided between these four areas: major, support, general education, electives. 

Engineering students are allowed to take one General Education course (4 units) credit/no credit.

To learn more, refer to the university-wide credit/no credit policy.

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