Permission Numbers

What is a permission number?

Permission numbers are special “codes” departments or class instructors may choose to issue so you can enroll in the class that the system may be preventing you from enrolling in on your own.

Why do I need a permission number?

Permission numbers are needed to do the following:

  • add a class during the last 4 days of the add/drop period, check the Student Planning Calendar for specific dates
  • override the prerequisite(s) of a course
  • enroll in a full class with or without a waitlist
  • enroll in a class without enrolling into its component (e.g., lab, activity, corequisite etc.)

How do I get a permission number?

The process to obtain permission varies by the department that offers the course.  If you are trying to get a permission number for a course offered outside the College of Engineering, we recommend contacting the instructor and/or department offering the course (use the Cal Poly directory or search their website to find contact information).   

Below are the preferred contacts for the departments in the College of Engineering.  When reaching out about a permission number, be clear in what you are looking for and include the following information:

  • Your name
  • Cal Poly Email
  • Empl ID
  • The reason you are requesting a permission number
  • Preferred Course
  • Preferred Section Number (location in Schedule Builder)
Department Who to contact  Contact information
Aerospace Engineering (AERO) Kendra Bubert, Administrative Coordinator
Biomedical Engineering (BMED) Instructor of Course
Civil and Environmental Engineering (CE and ENVE)

If a permission number is needed to waive prerequisites, visit:

For any other reason, email:
Computer Engineering (CPE)

For CSC Courses- Leanne Fiorentino

For EE Courses (and CPE 133, 233)- Yvonne Lynch or (805)756-2825

Computer Science and Software Engineering (CSC and SE) Leanne Fiorentino, Administrative Coordinator or (805)756-2825
Electrical Engineering (EE) Yvonne Lynch, Administrative Coordinator
General Engineering (ENGR) Instructor of Course
Industrial Manufacturing Engineering (IME) Instructor of Course for approval, then follow-up with Stephanie Allen, Administrative Coordinator
Materials Engineering (MATE) Instructor of course first.  If unable to make contact or you have questions about this process, contact Trevor Harding and/or Cassi Goldsmith
Mechanical Engineering (ME)

Prerequisite Course Waiver Form (via Adobe Sign). This form is only required for mechanical engineering students who are requesting a waiver of a prerequisite for a required mechanical engineering course (ME prefix). This form is not required for waivers of prerequisites for technical electives or graduate courses (ME 500 level class). Please make sure to apply for the waiver to the lecture instructor not your lab. 


For permission number requests outside of the reasons above, please contact the Instructor of the Course

How do I use a permission number?

If you receive a permission number, you will want to follow the steps outlined in the "Add a Class- with Permission Number demo" on to officially enroll in the course.

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