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About Environmental Engineering

Environmental engineers use the principles of engineering, soil science, biology, and chemistry to develop solutions to environmental problems. They are involved in efforts to improve recycling, waste disposal, public health, and water and air pollution control. They also address global issues, such as unsafe drinking water, climate change, and environmental sustainability. As a student, you can find more information below that pertains directly to your major.

Faculty Advisors

Students on Academic Probation should meet with Dr. Tracy Thatcher.

For additional information on assigned Faculty Advisors please see the CE/ENVE Faculty Advising Page.

Course Substitutions

As curriculum changes between different catalog years, you may question what courses automatically transfer between catalogs. The following changes below apply to ENVE majors only and a petition will not be required.

ENVE Students May Not Use:

Your catalog You may NOT use: To substitute for:
2015-17 ENVE 323 Technical Electives

All ENVE Students:

Your catalog You may use: To substitute for:
2019-20 through 2022-26 CE 433 (4) or CE 435 (4) or CE 440 (4) CE 434 (4)
2015-17 through 2020-21 Any GE Area A3 Course (4) ENGL 149 (4)
2015-17 through 2020-21 CE 208 (5) CE 204 (3) + CE 207 (2)
2015-17 through 2017-19 IME 315 or IME 314 Technical Elective- Law and Policy Area
2013-15 IME 315 or IME 314 Technical Electives
2011-13 through 2015-17 ENVE 411 (4 units)

ENVE 411 (3 units) - 

Excess unit will count as an Approved Technical Elective

2009-11 through 2015-17 CE 400, CE 500, ENVE 400, and ENVE 500

Technical Elective credit - 

Note: No more than 4 units combined from CE 400/ENVE 400, CE 500/ENVE 500, ENVE 405, ENVE 407, and ENVE 471

Students Who Have Changed Their Major Into ENVE:

Your catalog you may use: to substitute for:
2019-20 through 2022-26 CSC 231 (2) or CSC 234 (3) or CSC 101 (4) CE 251 (2)

ENVE Transfer Students:

Your catalog you may use: to substitute for:
2019-20 through 2022-26 Transfer equivalent coursework to CSC 231 (2) or CSC 234 (3) or CSC 101 (4) CE 251 (2)

Proposed Course Offerings


Department flowcharts provide an example of an academic plan. The flowcharts serve as a guide for planning purposes.  

Curriculum Sheets

Curriculum sheets provide an outline of all the requirements needed to complete a degree.

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