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About Biomedical Engineering

Biomedical Engineering is an interdisciplinary field in which engineering principles and tools are applied to solve biomedical problems. By its very nature, it is broad and requires a depth of understanding in engineering as well as in physiology and other biological sciences. Biomedical Engineering plays an increasingly important role in medicine and in projects that range from basic research in physiology to advances in biotechnology and the improvement of health care delivery.

Faculty Advisors

Specific curriculum and technical elective inquiries may be directed to your assigned Faculty Advisor.

Declaring Your Concentration

It is important to declare your concentration to ensure your Degree Progress Report and Academic Progress Level is up to date for registration. 

Please note: a change of concentration will appear on your transcript, so it is important you are confident with your decision.  

In order to declare your concentration, follow the procedure below:

  1. Email from your Cal Poly email address
  2. Use the subject line: Student Last Name/Concentration Name  
  3. Include in the email body:
    • Student Name:
    • EMPL ID:
    • Major: Biomedical Engineering
    • Catalog Year: Please keep in mind that concentrations may or may not be available depending on your catalog year.
    • Concentration: Bioinstrumentation, Mechanical Design or General

Catalog Changes

These catalog changes apply to BMED majors only.

  • Students following the 2011-13 through 2017-19 catalogs can substitute ENGR 459 + ENGR 460 + ENGR 461 + BMED 400 (8 total units) or ENGR 463 + ENGR 464 + ENGR 465 + BMED 400 (8 total units) for BMED 455 + BMED 456 (8 total units).  A petition is not required.
  • Students following the 2011-13 through 2017-19 catalogs who have switched majors may substitute AERO 121 or CE 111 or CSC/CPE 123 or EE 111 or ENVE 111 or ENGR 110 or IME 101 or MATE 110 or ME 128 or ME 229 for BMED 101. A petition is not required.
  • Transfer students following the 2005-07 through 2017-19 catalogs may substitute 3 1/2 excess units from a CHEM 124 equivalent course + 1/2 excess unit from a PHYS 131 or 141 or 132 or 133 equivalent course for CHEM 125 (4). A petition is not required.
  • Students following the 2015-17 catalog may substitute ENGR 110 (3 units) for BMED 101 (1) + BMED 102 (1).  A petition is not required.
  • Students following the 2015-17 catalog may substitute ZOO 331 and ZOO 332 for BIO 231 and BIO 232.  A petition is not required.


Department flowcharts provide an example of an academic plan. The flowcharts serve as a guide for planning purposes.  

Curriculum Sheets

Curriculum sheets provide an outline of all the requirements needed to complete a degree.

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