Computer Science Minor

All CSC courses are impacted. Registration preference each quarter is given to CSC, CPE, and SE major students (thus, completing the minor may be difficult). You are not guaranteed a seat in a class as a CSC minor student.

Step 1: Complete CSC Minor Interest Form

This form is intended for students that are planning on pursuing the Computer Science Minor. This data will help the department understand and plan for potential demand in minor related courses. Please complete this form before taking minor coursework.

Step 2: Meet CSC Minor Prerequisites

Cal Poly cumulative grade point average must be a 3.00 or higher and CSC 101, CSC 202 and CSC 203, must be completed with a 3.00 grade point average (no exceptions) to be eligible to request a CSC minor.

Step 3: Complete CSC Minor Application

Once you have completed CSC/CPE 101, CSC/CPE 202 and CSC/CPE 203 and meet above GPA requirements, you should submit an CSC minor application as soon as possible to be admitted to the minor. 

Access to the application is linked below. 

In addition to applying to the minor, this form can also be used if students need to substitute courses in the minor or change their minor catalog.

Step 4: Complete CSC Minor Requirements

Refer to the appropriate catalog for minor requirements (note: requirements changed significantly on the 22-26 catalog).  

2022-26 Catalog Requirements (24 Units Required)

Previous Catalogs (32 Units Required)

If you are unsure what catalog to follow, please reach out to Engineering Student Services.  However, we recommend students follow the 22-26 requirements when possible, as it requires less units and allows for more flexibility in coursework

To declare or change your minor catalog please use the CSC Minor Form linked above.  

Important Things to Know:

  • All CSC courses are impacted. Registration preference each quarter may be given to CSC, CPE, and SE major students (thus, completing the minor may be difficult).
  • Some CSC courses are cross-listed with CPE.
  • Completion of the minor required courses does not guarantee admission into the minor.
  • Questions concerning the minor should be directed to Engineering Student Services.
  • Students can only minor in ONE of the following minors: Computer Science, Data Science, or Computing for Interactive Arts.
  • The CSC minor is not available to CSC, CPE, or SE majors.

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