Transfer Students

Engineering Student Services is passionate about helping transfer students! It is our mission to increase retention and graduation rates of transfer students by easing the transition to Cal Poly through support services which enhances academic, social and professional growth. For new transfer students, please refer below for resources that will help prepare your first year at Cal Poly.

Prospective Transfer Students:

Students interested in applying as a transfer student to Cal Poly should refer to the Admissions Office's website for more information about Cal Poly and the selection criteria.

Registration Tips & Support Resources:

  • Fall 2019 Registration Information Coming Soon!

17-19 Transfer Flowcharts:

Each major has prepared flowcharts specificially for transfer students.  Depending on a unique student's situation (transferred credit, pre-reqs met, sequencing, course offerings, etc.), it could take longer or shorter to graduate from Cal Poly.  Due to this some majors have created multiple flowcharts.  For a list of all transfer flowcharts please see: 

Major Specific Tips:

Each major has prepared a one page summary that includes quotes from former transfer students, information about senior project, things to study before staring Fall Quarter and more!  Check them out here: 

Transfer Mentoring Program:

For more information about Mentor Collective, our program connecting new transfer students with continuing transfers, see: 

Career Programming for Transfer Students:

Career Services is happy to announce Career Programming for Transfer Students to help start your internship and job search this fall: