Transfer Students

Engineering Student Services is passionate about helping transfer students! It is our mission to increase retention and graduation rates of transfer students by easing the transition to Cal Poly through support services which enhances academic, social and professional growth. For new transfer students, please refer below for a quarter by quarter list of items that will help prepare you for a well-rounded experience your first year at Cal Poly.

Transfer Advising Checklist


  • Click HERE for the presentation given at SLO Days

  • Click HERE for a resource map for engineering students

Preparing for Fall Quarter 2017

  • Review and prepare for registration by watching the videos and reading the website.  You will want to become familiar with this website, as it will be a great resource throughout your time at Cal Poly.
  • August 14: Attend Student Life Orientation Days.
    • Advisors will assist students with course planning and registration. If you cannot attend SLO Days, you are recommended to 1) review 2) meet with academic advisor in person to discuss course planning and registration. See below for contact information.
  • September 10-16: Attend Week of Welcome (WOW).
  • Check out the career programming for transfer students offered by Career Services HERE
  • Research job/co-op/internship opportunities within your field of interest (many companies start searching in early September for candidates).

Fall Quarter 2017

  • Meet with an Academic Advisor – Schedule an appointment with an academic advisor to discuss course planning and registration. See below for contact information.
  • Know Your Faculty Advisor - Meet with your faculty advisor during office hours. Come with questions prepared about course material or your career interests.
  • Suit Up for the Career Fair – Attend Cal Poly’s Fall Career Fair on September 27-28 (bring copies of your resume and dress to impress). Fall is the largest Career Fair of the year – many companies are already looking for interns for the upcoming summer!
  • Learn About Study Abroad - Attend a Study Abroad Information Session to learn about your study abroad opportunities (visit:

Winter Quarter 2018

  • Attend "Land that Internship" on January 19, 2018 - This event will have workshops on resume building/review, preparing for the career fair and interview skills.  All engineering transfer students are invited, check your email to sign-up and for more information!
  • Meet with your advisors - Meet with your academic/faculty advisors to discuss progress to graduation and course planning for next quarter.
  • Seek Out Professional Development: Check in with Career Services and attend Winter Career Fair.
  • Connect on Campus: Get involved by joining a campus organization related to your major or career goals (
  • Attend National Engineers Week (“E-Week”) – Participate in the many events planned by Engineering Student Council.

Spring Quarter 2018

  • Meet with an Academic Advisor - Meet with an academic advisor to review your graduation plan and ensure all paperwork is submitted for substitutions, technical electives, etc.
    • AERO, BMED, CSC, GENE, ME majors: make sure you have declared your concentration, if applicable.
  • Visit Your Faculty Advisor – Check in and find out requirements for senior project from your department and begin talking to faculty about possible projects. Also, discuss graduate/professional school and career options with your faculty advisor or career counselor.
  • Connect With Community – Get involved with the Center for Community Engagement—doing so, will enrich your overall Cal Poly experience.

Summer Quarter 2018

  • Participate in a summer job/internship/research experience.
  • Take classes; this can help you stay caught up with your flowchart (if applicable).
  • Research employers, salaries and hiring trends for your major through Career Services.
  • Take on personal projects that are related to your career goals to further enhance your skills (ex: learn Java, take apart computers, etc.). 

Please make sure to read emails from for any transfer-specific advising tips!