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Please use this form to schedule an appointment with an advisor. The information we collect will not only help us determine your availability, but also determine which advisor will best serve your needs. 

Please Note: Engineering Student Services advises undergraduate students only. If you have questions about a graduate program, please reach out to the Graduate Program Coordinator.

Your EMPL ID can be found in your My Cal Poly Portal under the Personal Info tab.
Your Catalog Year can be found in your My Cal Poly Portal in the Academics Tab under Degree Information.
As a first year, you should seek advising support from the Mustang Success Center ( If you have been referred from the Mustang Success Center to our office, please proceed with filling out this form.
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You have selected a topic that we could answer during our drop-in times more efficiently. If this is the only topic you want to discuss, we recommend you see us during our drop-in times available Monday-Friday. Please visit our calendar for drop-in times throughout the week.
You have selected Registration Tools as a topic. Although we can support you the best we can, we are not experts in the Registration Tools such as Schedule Builder or Degree Planner. If you have specific questions about these tools, please reach out to the Office of the Registrar directly or visit their support pages: Degree Planner - and Schedule Builder -
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