Catalog Changes (Blanket Subs)

Environmental Engineering Catalog Changes

These catalog changes apply to ENVE majors only.

  • Students following the 2009-11 through 2013-15 catalogs can substitute CE 207 (2) + one additional unit of approved Technical Electives (1) for CE 207 (3).  A petition is not required.
  • Students following the 2009-11 through 2015-17 catalogs may use CE 400, CE 500, ENVE 400, and ENVE 500 for technical elective credit.  A petition is not required.  Note: No more than 4 units in total from CE 400/ENVE 400, CE 500/ENVE 500, ENVE 405, ENVE 407, and ENVE 471 combined can be counted towards technical electives.
  • For students following the 2007-09 through 2011-13 catalogs may substitute 3 excess units of approved technical electives for ENVE 439 (3). Students must list the additional units of technical elecitve on the technical elective form.