Technical Electives

Computer Engineering Technical Electives

1999-2000 to 2011-13 catalogs - CPE Technical Elective Requirement: Total 12 technical elective units.

Any 300/400/500 level CPE, CSC, or EE course with primary technical content. CPE 400 is an acceptable technical elective (up to four units) if approved on a major/support substitution petition. A special problems form (available in the Advising Center) must be submitted with the substitution petition for all CPE 400 courses.

EE 336/CPE 336 is an exception to the above paragraph.  Currently, EE 336/CPE 336 cannot be used for technical elective credit.

"CPE 482 Advanced Topics in Systems for Computer Engineering (4)" covers advanced topics in the design, implementation, verification and analysis of advanced computer systems.  The course will be offered with varying content that is identified via the course subtitle.  CPE 482 can be repeated for credit under different subtitles for a maximum of 8 units. 

Up to four units of coursework with technical content at the 300-level and above that are offered by other departments may also be taken for Tech Electives IF the courses are approved by the CPE Curriculum Committee. (The courses must not be taken until AFTER they are approved.) Approved courses are currently:

BMED 440, 450 (Topic: Tissue Engineering); CHEM 312, 316; CSC 300; ENGR 551 (Topic: Microcirculation); IME 301, 303, 314, 319, 351, 401, 457; IME/MATE 458/CPE 488; MATE 430, 435, 550, MATE/ME 555; MATH 304, 408, 409, 412, 413, 414, 417, 432, 451 (not for students with credit in CSC 341 or 342 or 343), 453; ME 318, 341, 342, 343, 405, 415; PHYS 322, 323, 403, 408, 412, 424, 452; UNIV/HNRS 424

Courses used for technical elective credit may not be used to double-count in other major, support, or GE areas.

These courses are not considered technical electives: 100/200 level courses (except for CSC 206), BUS 499, CSC 303, CSC 302, CSC 310, CSC 400, CSC 500, EE 321/361, EE 400, EE 460, EE 500, EE 563, EE/CPE 336.

Coop Units: Coop units cannot be directly used for technical elective credit.  You may convert up to four Coop units into four CPE400 units.  This conversion must be approved by the CPE Coop Advisor prior to leaving for your Coop.  The CPE400 units may then be used for technical elective credit as discussed above.  See the Cooperative Education Units page for more details.