Other Electives

Approved CSC, EE, Math or Science Elective List

The 2005-07 through the 2013-15 catalogs require 3 units of CSC, EE, Math or Science Electives.

The following courses have been approved by the CPE Council:

  • ME 211
  • MATE 210/215 (both needed) 
  • CHEM 125
  • EE 328
  • CSC 349

These courses cannot be used to satisfy more than one requirement. For example, you cannot list EE 328 as a technical elective and then expect to use EE 328 to satisfy the above requirement or take ME 211 to satisfy the "ME 211 or MATE 210/215" requirement and then expect ME 211 to satisfy the above requirement. There is no double-counting allowed.