Multidisciplinary Minor

Multidisciplinary Design Minor Requirements

Please Read: Currently the department is not accepting students into this minor.  Any exceptions to this will have to come from the AERO Department Chair, Dr. Mehiel.

Input from the engineering industry indicates the need for students to develop better multidisciplinary skills, including teamwork and systems integration, as well as an understanding of the design process from a systems perspective. It is the opinion of many people in the engineering industry that students in the minor would develop skills that would significantly enhance their career opportunities, both entering the workforce and reaching higher responsibility positions within a company.

The minor will enhance the student’s ability to work in multidisciplinary teams. Students will develop an understanding of the design process and the role of systems engineering in product design and development including cost analysis. Students will also learn the systems integration process and how different subsystems are interfaced to develop a successful product.

Introductory courses (14 units):
IME 314 Engineering Economics - 3 units 
IME 418 Product-Process Design - 4 units 
BUS 382 Organizations, People and Technology - 4units
PSY 350 Teamwork - 4 units (PSY 351 Group Dynamics- 4 units -- may be substituted upon the approval of the AERO Department Chair) 

Core courses (16 units):
AERO 360 Creative Problem Solving & Engineering Design - 2 units 
AERO 450 Aerospace Systems Engineering - 4 units 
AERO 443/444/445 Aircraft Design or 447/448/449 Spacecraft Design - 10 units

Minor in Multidisciplinary Design Minor Requirements

  • The Multidisciplinary Design minor consists of 30 units. The introductory course requirements total 14 units and the core courses total 16 units. Minor courses can be counted toward the student’s major and support requirements.
  • Minor courses cannot be graded CR/NC except for courses that have mandatory CR/NC grading.
  • Cal Poly cumulative grade point average must be 2.5 or higher.
  • The core courses must be taken at Cal Poly.
  • Completion of the minor introductory course requirements does not guarantee admission into the minor.