Chalmers University of Technology

Chalmers University of Technology, Goteborg, Sweden

Fall: Early September - January

Spring: Mid January - Late May

To apply to Chalmers you must be in your 3rd year in the following majors: Biomedical (BMED), Civil (CE), Computer (CPE), Computer Science (CSC), Software (SE), Electrical (EE), Environmental (ENVE), General (GENE), Mechanical (ME), Industrial (IE) and Manufacturing (MFGE) Engineering.

Subjects (Cal Poly equivalent majors)

Master’s Programme (at Chalmers)

Biology and Biological Engineering


Biomedical Engineering

Biomedical engineering

Civil and Environmental Engineering

Structural engineering and building technology

Infrastructure and environmental engineering

Computer Science and Engineering & Software Engineering

Computer systems and network

Interaction design and technologies

Software engineering

Communication engineering

Wireless, photonics and space engineering

Computer science, algorithm, languages

Electrical Engineering

Electrical power engineering

Industrial Engineering

Industrial design engineering

Materials and Manufacturing Engineering


Materials chemistry

Materials engineering

Product development

Production engineering

Mechanical Engineering

Applied mechanics

Automotive engineering

Naval architecture and ocean engineering


Chalmers offers $1000 (USD) scholarship for both incoming and outgoing Mechanical Engineering (ME) students. To qualify for the scholarship, students must be in the ME major. For questions please contact Christine Haas at

Chalmers' Planning Tools:

NOTE:  To avoid schedule conflicts between courses, Cal Poly exchange students are encourage to check the schedule that is published on Chalmers Student Portal in Early June (for the Fall Semester) and in early December (for the Spring Semester). More information is available in the following link:

Important dates at Chalmers:



Fall semester

Late August – January (study period 1 and 2)

Winter examination periods

October and January

Spring semester

January – June (study period 3 and 4)

Summer examination periods


Academic calendar


Full time studies at Chalmers comprises of 30 credits per semester. Each semester is divided into two study periods. Typically students take 2 courses of 7,5 credits per study period.



Examination dates for Study Period 2 is in January (the next year). It is not possible to conduct distance examinations for Cal Poly students who have left Chalmers in December. Therefore students who would like to go home early in December should do the following:

  1. To communicate his/her plan with the Mobility Coordinator at Chalmers International Mobility at once when they arrive in Chalmers. This gives time for a good study plan and to make sure that the students can complete all courses, examinations and assignments in December.
  2. To choose courses and to communicate beforehand with the instructors whether it is possible to arrange course completion in December with the help of the Mobility Coordinator. In case it is not possible, the students will be advised to choose other courses. The Mobility Coordinator will assist the students in this process.
  • Please click here for information about housing, budget, and general information.
  • For course overlap guidance, please click here

Chalmers' Course Selection:

  • Sample Course List this document shows the courses Cal Poly students have taken in Chalmers for credit.  This list is unofficial and for planning purposes only. Students should have substitution petitions approved prior to completing the coursework abroad.

You are not limited to the courses on the "Sample Course List". We encourage you to do your own course searching using the link below:

  • Courses offered in English Select the program closest to your major. Under Teaching language, select “English" and the study period you wish to attend (Fall: Period 1 & 2, Winter & Spring: Period 3 & 4). Under Education cycle, select "Second-cycle" to indicate Masters-level classes which are the classes available in English for exchange students.

How to Apply:

To apply for exchange and learn about deadlines, please go to the Study Abroad website > Find a Program link to create a Cal Poly Abroad Portal

Once you have registered with the portal and have chosen the program you wish to attend, click on the "Apply Now" button.

For questions about the on-line application, please contact the Cal Poly International Center (building 38 room 145).