Incoming Students 

Only students whose home campus has an existing exchange agreement with Cal Poly’s College of Engineering can apply for the exchange program. Please contact your International Exchange Program Coordinator at your home institution to verify if your school has established exchange agreements with Cal Poly. For consideration, please contact your exchange coordinator.  Your home university may have restrictions or conditions in order to participate in the exchange program. Moreover, your program coordinator may also require additional application material in order to qualify for the exchange.  Please see your exchange coordinator for your school’s application deadlines.

Application Deadlines: 

  • Fall Quarter: Mid September — Early December : Application Deadline: March 1st
  • Winter quarter: Early January — Late of March : Application Deadline: August 1st
  • Spring Quarter: Early April — Early June : Application Deadline: November 1st

Application Materials:

The required application materials consists of combination of items that can be found on the following link:  Completed on-line application. Coordinators please refer all students to the on-line application above. 

Newly Accepted Students:

Please view our General Information Sheet for important deadlines and resources.

Please download and refer to our Cost Estimate to help give you get an idea of your expenses during your time at Cal Poly.

It is strongly recommended that you look into your housing options soon after being admitted to Cal Poly. As an international student there is limited housing available on-campus and the off-campus housing can be difficult to arrange at the last minute. Please go to this link for information about your Housing Options:

We highly encourage you to visit the CPIC website for New Students regarding class registration, housing, visa application and more important information. You will also be expected to complete a mandatory on-line orientation. 


You are able to register for classes for the upcoming quarter under "Special Exceptions" please check the Office of Registrar's calendar to find out the exact date. Please look under "Schedules" under the "Registration Rotations Schedule" and select the quarter you wish to register. Once selected, look for "Special Exception" and the date for the 1st round.  
Please look at the following example:
 It is crucial that you register as soon as the registration period begins for students under “Special Exceptions" because courses quickly become full at Cal PolyIf you wait, it is less likely that you will get the classes you want!


You will be using PASS (Plan a Student Schedule) to view the courses available for the upcoming quarter. The link to PASS is found in the homepage of your My Cal Poly Portal, under the section “Single Click Links.” PASS is NOT used to enroll you in a course. It is only used to find a schedule that works for you. You can find a step-by-step PASS Demonstration on the “Academics” tab in your My Cal Poly Portal.
After you have selected courses for your schedule on PASS, you will need to click the “Push to Student Center” button at the top right corner of the page. This automatically adds these classes to your “Student Center” shopping cart. Again, if you need assistance, you can find a step-by-step PASS Demonstration on the “Academics” tab in your My Cal Poly Portal.
Be aware that many courses have prerequisite blocks which may prevent registration. You may not be able to register for a particular class because the student registration information system does not detect that your prerequisites have been completed at your home university.
If you encounter this problem, and you want to register for a course that you have met the prerequisites for at your home university, please contact the department email that offers the particular course (see contact sheet below) and ask for a course permission number. This should overcome any prerequisite blocks and allow you to register for the course.  Please use the contact sheet with the phone numbers and e-mail addresses to contact the Admin Support of the engineering departments for assistance.
For example: If you registering for ME 350 Heat Transfer 
                       ME = Mechanical Engineering
                       Look at the attached contact sheet for "Mechanical Engineering (ME)" to find the specific admin support email,
                       which in this case is ME admin support: Vera Florez
When contacting the department for help with registering, please make sure you provide the following information in your message


  • Full name (first and last) and Empl ID number (this number is located on your “Personal Info” tab)
  • Class number and section (Example: ME 350-01). The section is the "-01" portion after ME 350." 
  • Any co-requisite lab number and section (Example: ME 350-10). This is for lab sections that are combined with a lecture section.


Some classes have one section, while others have multiple sections if that class is offered at different times or has a co-requisite lab. In all cases, when you email any admin support, please ensure you specify the section # of each class and of any co-requisite lab you plan to take. You will receive a permission number from the administrator for this particular section of the class.


Please make sure you provide this information to help the department better assist you!  

Our office is in contact with each Engineering Department and we have provided them with your information so they are aware that you are an exchange student and know in advance to help you with registration. I am sorry if you encounter any inconveniences during this process, but we are doing our best to help you. You are encouraged to contact us if you need help with anything. You can email us at or visit us in building 40, room 115.  

Good luck with registration!



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