What is Engineering Student Services?

Engineering Student Services coordinates and provides support to foster retention and graduation.  Through our Advising, Multicultural Engineering (MEP), International Exchange Program (IEP) and Tutoring Programs our staff provides individual and group advising sessions, workshops, and programs to guide and empower students through their undergraduate experience.   

What is the difference between my academic advisor (at Engineering Student Services) and my faculty advisor?

Your faculty advisor is an engineering professor in your department.  Your faculty advisor can help you with questions regarding: course content, technical electives/concentration, career goals, internships and graduate school. To learn who your assigned faculty advisor is, contact your department.

Academic advisors (offices in Engineering Student Services) can assist you with questions regarding campus, College of Engineering, and university policies, academic expectations, scheduling, understanding your academic progress, and changing your major. You are not assigned to a specific academic advisor, you can meet with any advisor at Engineering Student Services.  We are also the hub for submitting forms such as course substitutions, change of major applications, technical electives, leave of absences, minimum progress waivers and withdrawal forms.

What forms can I pick up Engineering Student Services?

Refer to https://eadvise.calpoly.edu/policies/

How can I meet with my academic advisor?

Depending on your question, we recommend you either make an appointment with an advisor or come in for a drop-in appointment.  See http://eadvise.calpoly.edu/about/ for more information on this.

What courses should I take next quarter?

Use your flowchart as a tool to help you plan out your academic career; links to flowcharts can be found here: http://eadvise.calpoly.edu/majors/. Pay close attention to prerequisites and sequencing of courses.  Take courses that are prerequisites for other courses so you can easily move forward in your major. Complete your math and science (or other support) courses early on in your academic career. If you are having trouble finding courses, come see an advisor!

First-year students should read about year long block scheduling at: https://eadvise.calpoly.edu/block-scheduling-for-first-year-students/

How do I know what quarter(s) my major courses will be offered?

You can find link to each departments course offerings in the Cal Poly Catalog (http://catalog.calpoly.edu/) or on the department website (http://eadvise.calpoly.edu/majors/). 

I meet the requisites for a course but the system won’t let me register. Who do I contact?

The first step is to verify that you have indeed met ALL the requisites as outlined on PASS and/or the Cal Poly Catalog.  If you still cannot register, you will want to contact the department offering the course and/or the instructor.  If you took the prerequisite at another school, make sure you can provide proof to the department offering the course or instructor (i.e. unofficial transcript).  Engineering Student Services does not have permission numbers and cannot help you get into courses.

I want to change my major – can I? If so, how do I go about it?
The decision to change your major is an important one. As with any big decision, the most important step is to complete many avenues of research to confirm your decision. Please read Engineering Student Services change of major policy: http://eadvise.calpoly.edu/majors/changing-majors/

I am interested in studying abroad…where do I start?

We highly encourage you to attend a Study Abroad 101 mandatory workshop to learn about your options: http://studyabroad.calpoly.edu/getting-started/101.html.  If you attended a workshop or want to know more about the College of Engineering’s International Exchange Programs, please visit our website: http://eadvise.calpoly.edu/iep/.  Research our partner schools to determine which program is best for you using the planning tools, eligibility, available coursework for your major that are offered in English, and the links for the school of choice. If you need more assistance with selecting an exchange school, have general questions or want to know how to get course credit, please visit us during our IEP walk-in hours posted on the link above.

I’m thinking of taking some summer courses at my local community college – how do I know what I can take? 
Check out the following link for videos and information on taking courses over summer: http://advising.calpoly.edu/summer%20school 

I took courses at a community college or university. How do I transfer the courses to Cal Poly?

You will need to request to have the school you took the courses at to send the transcripts to Cal Poly’s Office of the Registrar: https://registrar.calpoly.edu/Contact_Information. Note: it is good to have these sent as soon as possible so that it can be processed and imputed into your Degree Progress Report.

I have to withdraw from a course – what do I do?

The requirements to withdraw are listed here: http://eadvise.calpoly.edu/policies/withdrawal-procedures/.  The withdrawal petition is available in The Office of the Registrar (Building 1, Room 222).

How do I know if I am on track for graduation?

Follow your flowchart as closely as possible, and use your Degree Progress Report (which can be found in your Student Center). The Degree Progress Report is the official means of checking your progress.  For help understanding the Degree Progress Report (DPR) refer to: https://registrar.calpoly.edu/DegreeProgressReport.  You can also make an appointment to meet with an advisor to see if you are on track to graduate.  Although we are an unofficial check, we might catch something you may have missed.

What is academic probation and how do I avoid it?

A student is placed on academic probation if any of his or her GPA’s (Higher Education, Cal Poly, and/or Term) fall below a 2.00. More information about the campus Academic Probation and Disqualification Policy can be found here: http://advising.calpoly.edu/academic-probation-support.

I am thinking of doing the 4+1 or master’s program, who should I contact to find out information about this?

Contact the coordinator in the department you want to pursue your graduate degree in. See the list of graduate coordinators on: http://grad.calpoly.edu/program/coordinators.html

Can I take a class Credit/No Credit?

As an engineer, you cannot take any major/support courses CR/NC (major/support courses must be taken for a letter grade). You can take one, 4 unit, GE course CR/NC. For more information, see the following website: http://catalog.calpoly.edu/academicstandardsandpolicies/grading/#CREDIT/NCREDITGRADING  

What is PolyPlanner and what am I required to do?

The Mustang Success Center has developed a great guide explaining the benefits of PolyPlanner and the requirements of you as a student.  Please read through the website carefully and watch the videos: http://success.calpoly.edu/polyplanner-guide

When is my registration time?

The Office of the Registrar assigns registration times to students. Check their website to see Enrollment Appoint Times: http://registrar.calpoly.edu/. You can also check your Student Center (located in your Portal under “Single Click Links”).

How do I stay in compliance with PolyPlanner (and avoid 13th rotation)?

Be sure to always have at least three terms current/planned (not including Summer). As long as you do this each term, you will have met the requirement to keep your registration priority. If you have additional questions, be sure to check out the FAQ’s for PolyPlanner here: http://registrar.calpoly.edu/PolyPlanner/FAQ.

How do I add a minor?

Contact the department offering the minor directly. Each minor will have unique prerequisites and course requirements. For a complete list of minors offered at Cal Poly, as well as minor coordinator contact information, click here: http://advising.calpoly.edu/minor-degree-advising.