The Application Process

Former returning students must submit the paper application form to the Admissions Office.  The application can be found at CSU Mentor or at the Cal Poly Admissions Office (Building 1, Room 206). It is recommend to pick up the paper application in person if possible. The readmission deadlines to return to the same major are:

  • Summer Quarter: April 1st
  • Fall Quarter: July 1st
  • Winter Quarter: October 1st
  • Spring Quarter: February 1st

Final transcripts are due in the Admissions Office no later than one month prior to the first day of the quarter (no exceptions). Students enrolled in a community college during a fall semester should be applying for Cal Poly’s spring quarter so the final transcripts have time to arrive and be reviewed.

Former returning students not in good standing who meet the readmission requirements are placed under contract upon returning to the College of Engineering. The contract must be signed, dated, and returned prior to registration. The contract will require a specific grade point average and will require very specific progress requirements in order to ensure a timely graduation.

Note: Former returning students not in good standing can choose to apply to a different major within Cal Poly, yet they will compete for a slot as a new transfer student within the new major. They will be required to meet the transfer requirements listed on and must submit an application via CSU Mentor by the deadlines posted on the Admissions website.  If a student is applying to a different major within the College of Engineering, the above readmission requirements must also be met.